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Retiree run-off results announced

The TRSL Board of Trustees received voting results for the retiree runoff election at its September meeting. ​​​​​​​James A. Taylor Sr., J.D., Ph.D. (Baton Rouge), was reelected...

TRSL Board receives results of retiree election; run-off to be held

At its July meeting, the TRSL Board of Trustees received voting results for the retiree election.   As no candidate received more than 50% of the vote, a run-off election will be held with the ...

2022 TRSL Board elections: Nogess and Nelson re-elected without opposition to board seats

Elections to be held for three other board seats   Baton Rouge, La. — Neshelle S. Nogess and Paul E. Nelson were re-elected without opposition to their trustee positions on the TRSL Board...

TRSL Board of Trustees Recommends 2% COLA

Baton Rouge, La. — At its November board meeting yesterday, the TRSL Board of Trustees recommended that a 2% COLA be paid to eligible retirees next year. In a resolution addressed to the Loui...

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Roadmap to Retirement

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Whether you've just landed a position or you're already a seasoned pro, we encourage you to think about your retirement plans today. The decisions you make now will have an impact on your life years down the road. Check out Roadmap to Retirement for useful information about retirement and other financial matters.

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Member Access is a place where you have all the tools you need to plan your retirement and securely view your personal TRSL account information. As a TRSL member, you can access your personal retirement account after a one-time registration to create your user ID and password.

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