2023 Legislative Session

The 2023 Regular Legislative Session will convene at noon on Monday, April 10.  Final Adjournment will be no later than 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 8.

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2023 Bills Affecting TRSL
Bill No. Author Description Status Board  Position
Permanent Benefit Increase (PBI) Funding/Granting/Eligibility
SB 18 Sen. Edward J. “Ed” Price RETIREMENT SYSTEMS:  Provides for benefit increases for retirees, beneficiaries, and survivors of state retirement systems and the funding therefor.  Signed by the Speaker Support
Payments Toward UAL
HB 47 Rep. Richard Nelson APPROPRIATIONS:  (Constitutional Amendment) To require the legislature to appropriate no less than twenty-five percent of nonrecurring state revenues for application to certain state retirement system unfunded accrued liability. Pending Senate Final Passage Support
HB 170 Rep. Christopher Turner FUNDS/FUNDING:  Dedicates portion of 0.45% state sales tax to payment of the Teachers' Retirement System of La. initial unfunded accrued liability. Pending Senate Finance Support
HB 560 Rep. Jerome Zeringue APPROPRIATIONS/SUPPLEML:  Makes supplemental appropriations for Fiscal Year 2022-2023. Pending Senate Final Passage Support
HB 550 Rep. Jerome Zeringue FUNDS/FUNDING:  Provides for the transfer, deposit, and use of monies among state funds Pending Senate Final Passage  
HB 1 Rep. Jerome Zeringue APPROPRIATIONS:  Provides for the ordinary operating expenses of state government for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Pending Senate Final Passage  
Public Meetings
SB 201 Sen. Sharon Hewitt PUBLIC MEETINGS:  Provides for meetings of boards and commissions via electronic means.  Pending House Final Passage  
HCR 70 Rep. Beau Beaullieu RETIREMENT SYSTEMS:  Requests retirement systems and the state treasurer to report on companies that do not invest in certain energy companies Sent to the Secretary of State Neutral
HCR 110 Rep. Blake Miguez RETIREMENT SYSTEMS:  Requests the state public retirement systems to avoid Environmental, Social, and Governance investing  Pending Senate Final Passage  
Benefit Options Study - GPO/WEP
HCR 69 Rep. Mike Johnson RETIREMENT BENEFITS:  Requests the House Committee on Retirement and the Senate Retirement Committee to study future benefit options for employees Sent to the Secretary of State Neutral
HCR 67 Rep. Mike Johnson CONGRESS:  Provides relative to the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision Sent to the Secretary of State Support

Legislative Session Updates

Regular Session News #20: Senate Retirement Committee advances UAL payment bill

Jun 2, 2023

With one week left in the 2023 regular session, bills affecting TRSL continue to work their way through the legislative process.   After initially failing to win passage in the full House earlier this month, House Bill 47 (Rep. Nelson) was reconsidered and passed by the lower chamber this week. Today, it was favorably reported by the Senate Retirement Committee.   HB 47, a proposed constitutional amendment, requires a minimum o...

Regular Session News #19: PBI funding bill heads to the governor

Jun 1, 2023

Today, the full House unanimously passed Senate Bill 18 (Sen. Price/co-sponsored by Senate President Cortez) propelling it one step closer to enactment. SB 18 ´╗┐would establish a new model for providing permanent benefit increases (PBIs) to retirees and beneficiaries of the four state retirement systems for teachers, state employees, school employees, and state police. For details on the provisions of SB 18, please read our May 2 Legislative Upd...

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