2018 Legislative Session
The 2018 Regular Legislative Session is scheduled to begin Monday, March 12 and end Monday, June 4.  TRSL will provide legislative updates via email, Session News, on all bills and issues that impact the system and its members. Get these updates delivered straight to your inbox through TRSL's eNews.

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2017 Legislative Session

To find out what happened in the 2017 legislative session, view the following resources:

Regular Session News #11: Find out what happened to legislation affecting TRSL

Jun 9, 2017

The 2017 regular session ended yesterday at 6 p.m. Here is what happened to bills affecting TRSL. Legislation that passed: Return to work: HB 4 (Rep. Miguez) was signed into law and is now Act 15. Act 15 becomes effective July 1 and adds school nurses to the list of retirees who can return to work and continue to receive a benefit check, subject to a 25% of annual benefit earnings limitation. HB 31 (Rep. Hoffmann) ...

Special Session News #10: A second return-to-work bill now awaits consideration

Jun 2, 2017

A second return-to-work bill now awaits consideration by Gov. John Bel Edwards. HB 31 (Rep. Hoffmann) adds school psychologists to the list of critical shortage positions in which a retiree can return to work without a reduction of benefits. The bill was amended to provide that if a retiree’s benefit was calculated at an accrual rate lower than 2.5% or their benefit was actuarially reduced, they will be subject to a 36-month ...

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