TRSL Liaisons

To view the name and/or contact information for your agency's liaison, use the search box below. You can search by the employer name, employer ID, or liaison's first or last name.
  • Contact your Retirement Analyst Liaison: For help with questionable years, service credit certifications, sick leave certifications, actuarial cost corrections, Contribution Exception Reports, Salary Rejections lists, enrollment eligibility, contribution rates, etc.
  • Contact your Accountant Team: For help with ORP reports, journal entries, etc.
ORP, RTW, JOURNAL ENTRIES Jessica Trosclair (225) 925-3663
ORP, JOURNAL ENTRIES Beth Fraser (225) 925-6462
ORP, JOURNAL ENTRIES Sandra Grisby (225) 925-4640
ORP, JOURNAL ENTRIES Blake Eugene (225) 925-2578

Other Employer Services Staff

DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR Ed Branagan (225) 925-4846
ACCOUNTANT MANAGER Beth Fraser (225) 925-6462
RETIREMENT SUPERVISOR Sharon Lachney (225) 925-4097
RETIREMENT BENEFITS MANAGER Jeff George (225) 925-1887
ORP VENDOR LIAISON Jessica Trosclair (225) 925-3663
RETURN-TO-WORK SPECIALIST Jessica Trosclair (225) 925-3663
EMPLOYER TRAINING Kelly Resnick (225) 925-6929
EMPLOYER TRAINING Heather Landry (225) 925-7093
ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP SPECIALIST Anthony Zeringue (225) 925-6407
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