TRSL Liaisons

To view the name and/or contact information for your agency's liaisons, use the search box below. You can search by employer name, employer ID, or liaison first or last name. You will see an accountant liaison and a retirement analyst liaison for each agency; please refer to the following list of liaisons' specialities:
  • Contact your Accountant Liaison: For help with Contributions Exception Reports, Salary Rejections lists, contribution rates, ORP reports, enrollment eligibility, etc.
  • Contact your Retirement Analyst Liaison: For help with questionable years, service credit certifications, sick leave certifications, actuarial cost corrections, etc.

Other Employer Services Staff

DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR Ed Branagan (225) 925-4846
ACCOUNTANT MANAGER Karla Henderson (225) 925-6462
RETIREMENT SUPERVISOR Jeff George (225) 925-1887
ORP VENDOR LIAISON Paula Rhodes (225) 925-7863
EMPLOYER TRAINING Sharon Lachney (225) 925-4097
Heather Landry (225) 925-7093
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