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Document drop off  You can drop off documents at the TRSL office. But...don’t forget! Documents can be submitted to us through normal delivery methods, including mail, email, or fax. Please note that TRSL requires originals (not copies or scans) of some TRSL forms. If an original is required, it will be noted at the top of the form.
Federal forms
W-4P  Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments IRS form
TRSL forms
1 Authorized Contacts (01/22)
1EDC Employer Directory Contacts (07/21)
2 Enrollment Application/Employment Notification (03/22)
2AC Change of Address Authorization (02/21) - For active members, retirees, beneficiaries, & alternate payees 
2C Certification of Membership in State System (02/21)
2FRB Forfeiture of Retirement Benefits - Attestation of Understanding (02/21)
2NC Active Member Name Change Request (02/22)
2PT Enrollment Application for Secondary Part-Time Position with Same Employer (02/21)
2R Election to Retain Membership (03/22)
2SS Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security (02/21)
3 Beneficiary Designation for Non-Retired Members (12/20) - Return-to-work retirees use 3C 
3A Change of Beneficiary for Option 1 Retiree (12/20)
3B Beneficiary Designation for DROP and ILSB Accounts (12/20)
3C Beneficiary Designation for Retiree Return-to-Work Employee Contributions (12/20)
4C Employment Terminations (05/21)
4D Payment Distribution Voucher (05/21)
4F Prior Year Correction of Earnings and Contributions (05/21)
7 Application for Refund (07/21) (See "Special Tax Notice Regarding TRSL Payments")
7A Retiree Refund Application (07/21) (See "Special Tax Notice Regarding TRSL Payments")
7D Direct Deposit for Refund of Contributions (04/21) (See "Special Tax Notice Regarding TRSL Payments")
8 Application for Reciprocal Recognition of Service (05/21)
8A Application for Transfer of Creditable Service (05/21)
8BR Application for Purchase of Refunded Service to Reciprocate (05/21)
8BT Application for Purchase of Refunded Service to Transfer (05/21)
9 Application for Purchase of In-state Service (02/22)
9A Application for Purchase of Out-of-State Public School Employment (02/22)
9B Application for Purchase of Military Service (07/21)
9C Application for Purchase of U.S. Dependent School Teaching Service (02/22)
9D Application for Purchase of Refunded Service (07/21)
9E Application for Purchase of In-state Private / Charter School Service  (07/21)
9R Rollover/Trustee-to-Trustee Transfer Acceptance (05/21)
10 Benefit Estimate Request (07/21)
11 Application for Service Retirement, ILSB, or DROP (01/21) - Replaces old forms 11A and 11F
11B Agency Certification (07/22)
11G DROP or ILSB Account Spousal Consent (11/20)
11G-1 DROP or ILSB Retiree Spousal Consent to Withdrawal Method (11/20)
11H Termination of Employment at End of DROP Participation/Employment (11/20)
11J DROP or ILSB Retiree Withdrawal Method Selection (11/20)
11K DROP or ILSB Retiree Nonspousal Beneficiary Request for Withdrawal Selection (07/21)
11K-P DROP or ILSB Retiree Alternate Payee Receiving Split Benefit as a Result of Divorce (05/22)
11K-S DROP or ILSB Retiree Spousal Beneficiary Request for Withdrawal Selection (05/22)
11M-S DROP or ILSB Retiree Spousal Beneficiary Request for Withdrawal (05/22)
11N DROP or ILSB Retiree Withdrawal Method Selection for Ages 72 and Over (11/20)
11PS DROP or ILSB Retiree Partial Single-Sum Withdrawal (11/20)
11R Direct Deposit of DROP or ILSB Account Withdrawals (04/22) - Use 15D for regular benefits
11RTW Application for Return-to-Work (RTW) Supplement (11/20)
11S Sick Leave Certification (11/20)
12 Application for Disability Retirement (01/21) - now combined with Form 12B
12A Disability Report by Supervisor (01/21)
12B Member Statement of Disabling Condition - now combined with Form 12
12C Physician Report of Disabling Condition (01/21) - now combined with Form 12C-P
12C-P Physician Report of Disabling Condition - now combined with Form 12C
12D Physician Annual Report of Disabling Condition (07/21) - For retirees only
12PDMC Statement of Child's Permanent Disabling Condition (01/21)
13 Application for Survivor Benefits (04/21)
13A Application for Refund of Deceased Member's Contributions (07/21)
13C Student Attendance Certification (07/21)
13E Application for Payment to Surviving Spouse/Children (04/21)
13M Statement of Dependent's Marital Status (04/21)
14A Company Application Retiree Payroll Deduction Program (12/21)
15 Retiree Return-to-Work Notification (obsolete) refer to Procedures Manual for enrollment instructions, Index 15.0
15C Retiree Change of Address Authorization - OBSOLETE (Use Form 2AC)
15CS Retiree Return-to-Work Critical Shortage Certification (06/22)
15D Direct Deposit of Benefits (04/22) - Use 11R for DROP or ILSB account withdrawals
15ELEC Return-to-Work (RTW) of TRSL Retiree - La. R.S. 11:710.1 (06/22)
15JS Addendum to Direct Deposit of Benefits - Nonspousal Joint Signer(s) (12/20)
15PA Affidavit for Power of Attorney (12/20)
15TR RTW of TRSL Retiree - Special Transfer Group Election of 2010 Group Coverage (07/22)
16 Application for ORP or Change of Carrier (10/21)
16AC ORP Member Change of Address Authorization (07/21)
16NC ORP Member Name Change Request (07/21)
18 Electronic Reporting Registration (07/21)
FBR Option to Continue Contributions during Time of Furlough without Pay (07/21)
PARC Petition for TRSL Administrative Rule Adoption, Amendment, or Repeal (07/21)


  Beneficiary/Survivor Checklist
  Disability Retirement Application Checklist
  Retirement Application Checklist
  Completing Your Affidavit of Retirement Option Election Checklist
  Checklist for Retiring after DROP
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