IRS limits

Maximum annual compensation limits for TRSL's Defined Benefit Plan

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) limits a member’s annual earnable compensation that can be reported to a qualified retirement plan, such as TRSL’s defined benefit plan. These limits are based upon when the member joined TRSL (before 7/1/1996 or on/after 7/1/1996) and are subject to change each calendar year.

To view current and historical compensation limits affecting members in TRSL's Defined Benefit Plan, click the link below:

pdf_icon  TRSL Defined Benefit Plan compensation limits (beginning with 1996)
Maximum contribution limits for the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)

The Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) is a defined contribution plan established on July 1, 1990.

To view current and historical ORP contribution limits, click the link below. (Contribution limit listed for each calendar year is for the total of employer and employee contributions to ORP carrier.)

pdf_icon  Maximum ORP contribution limits (beginning with the ORP's inception)
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