August Benefit Payments: TRSL's payment of August 1st regular retirement benefits falls on a weekend, so your bank may post this payment

to your account on the next business day. Please contact your bank if you need information about the posting of this payment.

Fund Performance

TRSL diversifies its portfolio among thousands of individual investments. These investments are grouped into assets classed by geographic location (domestic and international), investment ownership (equity and fixed income), and marketability (public and private).  Asset classes enable TRSL to compare its performance to a standard benchmark and to monitor its diversification.

TRSL Investment Overview as of May 31, 2021  (in millions)
Publicly Traded $   16,107
  U.S. Equity 7,088
  International Equity 4,769
  Global REIT 404
  U.S. Fixed Income 1,324
  Global Fixed Income 2,173
  Cash 349
Alternative Assets & Real Estate $    9,797
  Alternative Assets 7,768
  Real Estate 2,029
Total Assets $    25,904

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