Retirement security in a changing world


Manage the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana in a manner that creates the highest degree of confidence in our integrity, efficiency, fairness, and financial responsibility


We are here to serve our customers.
Every customer will be provided timely, accurate, and courteous service.

We are committed to our role as fiduciaries of the trust.
We will manage the fund's assets with unwavering integrity and discipline to provide retirement benefits and achieve long-term, optimal results.

We believe in the value of public service and quality education for all Louisiana citizens.
We will foster an environment where innovation, initiative, and accountability are expected and supported.

We know that with an entrepreneurial spirit and team work, we can accomplish any task.
We will utilize quality principles, leading technology, and partnerships with our stakeholders to improve our products and services.

Ultimately, our performance comes from our people.
We value and support employees through open communication, professional development, recognition, and by creating a sense of community.


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