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TRSL Board announces retiree election results

Baton Rouge — In the recent retiree election for the TRSL Board of Trustees, no candidate received more than 50% of the vote. A run-off election will be held with the top two candidates who received the most votes in the primary. Moving forward in the run-off election will be James A. Taylor, Sr., J.D., Ph.D. of Baton Rouge with 47.77% of the vote and Nita Chambers of Alexandria who received 10.28% of the vote. Voting information for th...

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Former TRSL director Carleton C. Page dies

Carleton C. Page, who directed TRSL under the title Secretary-Treasurer from 1974-1989, died April 23 in Plano, TX. Dr. Page led the retirement system when Louisiana voters approved a constitutional amendment requiring the system to be actuarially funded—one of the most significant and beneficial developments in TRSL history. “We consider passage of that constitutional amendment to be the first major step the state took toward e...

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TRSL investments earn a top spot on a "best list"

News journal, Pensions & Investments, recently ranked TRSL #2 on its list of the “10 best performing public pension plans for 2017.” TRSL’s investments earned a top spot with a market return of 15.93% for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017. “I was pleased that we ranked #2 for best performing public plans in 2017. I’d add that this year’s investment performance is consistent with our longer term rank...

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TRSL adds nearly $1 billion in assets, DROP interest announced

Baton Rouge—The TRSL Board of Trustees received good news at its October meeting when results of the system’s annual valuation report were presented. According to the report, TRSL’s assets and funded status are up, and employer contributions will remain stable. The system’s valuation assets increased by almost $1 billion over the previous fiscal year. Assets now stand at an all-time high of $19.2 billion, increasin...

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