File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and File Layouts

Registering for FTP
  • Form 18 can be faxed (225-925-4634) or mailed to Technical Support HelpDesk, Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana, P.O. Box 94123, Baton Rouge, LA, 70804-9123.
NOTE: For security purposes, all data sent electronically to TRSL must be encrypted. Employers must provide TRSL with a static IP address for each user workstation that is to have FTP access to TRSL via the Internet.
Using FTP

Before access to TRSL's FTP site can be allowed, the IP address of the sending computer must be registered at TRSL. For information about registering, see instructions above.
  1. Go to the FTP site
  2. Double click on the "incoming" folder
  3. Copy and paste the files into the "incoming" folder
  4. Note: Files will not be visible by the sender
TRSL will notify employers of any file processing problems. Employers with inquiry access may view postings of processed files.
Sending encrypted files to TRSL

TRSL requires all employers or agencies to send or receive encrypted files only. To send an encrypted file to TRSL, please contact TRSL to request our public key. Employers must use software compatible with .pgp encryption. Detailed information is also available in Index 18 of the Employer Procedures Manual. Please e-mail the TRSL Technical Support HelpDesk at for further assistance.

File layouts for FTP with encryption

Access to the file layouts is restricted to employers who have registered with TRSL for computer access. Standards for submitting an employer/agency input file to TRSL are as follows:
  • Each file must be text (ASCII) fixed-length records, including carriage return (CR) and line-feed (LF) delimiters
  • File names must conform to the naming conventions given in the transaction layout
  • The preferred file transmission method is via the Internet using FTP:
    • To submit by FTP requires access to TRSL’s FTP server, see the "Registering for FTP with encryption" section at top of this page.
    • Files sent via other acceptable secure electronic media must be mailed in a protective package to Teachers' Retirement Sytem of Louisiana (TRSL), PO Box 94123, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9123.

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