2021 TRSL Board of Trustees Elections
Important information about the retiree and school food service elections is below. 
Retirees Election (for one of the two retiree seats)
Qualifying deadline 4:30 p.m., Friday, April 30 
Eligibility Must be a retired TRSL member (includes members who have returned to work in a position eligible for TRSL membership.)
How to qualify Retiree qualifying instructions
School Food Service Election
Qualifying deadline 4:30 p.m., Friday, April 30
Eligibility Must be an active TRSL member paid with school food service funds (includes members who are participating in DROP or working after DROP)

NOTE: Superintendents, bus drivers, custodians/janitors, employees not paid with school food service funds, and TRSL retirees (including retired members who have returned to work) are not eligible for this position. Participants of the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) are not members of the TRSL Regular Plan, and therefore are ineligible to run or vote in TRSL Board elections.
How to qualify School Food Service qualifying instructions
Questions Email: web.master@trsl.org

Elections by year

TRSL holds elections each year to fill the seats of trustees whose terms are expiring. Elected board members serve four-year terms.
  • 2021 (For terms expiring 12/31/21): Retirees and School Food Service
  • 2022 (For terms expiring 12/31/22): Colleges & Universities, District 1, District 7, Retirees, and Superintendents
  • 2023 (For terms expiring 12/31/23): District 2, District 3, and District 4
  • 2024 (For terms expiriring 12/31/24): District 5 and District 6

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