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Procedures Manual

The online procedures manual is a comprehensive guide to all TRSL processes and procedures that employers need for reporting retirement data.

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  Procedures Manual (by index number)  
Index Subject (Revised Date) "Mastering the Manual" tips
Intro Introduction (07/2017) Series preview
0.0 Employer/Membership Information Site (EMIS) (12/2019) New to EMIS?
1.0 Authorized Contacts & Employer Directory Contacts (11/2020) Authorized contacts
2.0 TRSL Membership (01/2021) New hires to enroll?
3.0 Beneficiary Designation (12/2019) Please don't sign/witness blank beneficiary forms
4.0 Contribution Reporting & Corrections (01/2021) Annual contribution limits
5.0 Online Member Access & Statements (11/2020) Member Access through EMIS
6.0 Service Credit Certifications/Corrections (11/2020) Reminders regarding service credit
7.0 Refunds of Employee Contributions (06/2021) Understanding the 90-day waiting period for refunds
8.0 Transfers, Reciprocals, & Administrative Error Transfers (03/2019) Correcting administrative errors
9.0 Purchases of Service Credit (10/2017) "How much does it cost to purchase service credit?"
10.0 Benefit Estimates (12/20) Benefit estimates
11.0 Retirement/DROP Processing (06/2021) Have an employee who is ready to retire/enter DROP?
12.0 Disability Retirement (12/2019) Disability retirement reminders
13.0 Death and Survivor Benefits (12/2020) Reporting a TRSL member's death
14.0 Automated Insurance Deductions (04/2019) Automated insurance & voluntary deductions
15.0 Retirees Returning to Work - OVERVIEW (06/2021) RTW flowcharts
15.1 - 2010 RTW Law (06/2021)
15.2 - 2020 RTW Law (06/2021)
16.0 Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) (06/2020) Once ORP, always ORP!
17.0 Leave Information (09/2018) Conversion of unused sick leave
18.0 Electronic Services (06/2021) File submission tips
19.0 Appendix (07/2004)  
19.4 Cross-Reference Listing of Statutory Citations (11/2017)  
19.5 Louisiana Public Employees' Retirement Systems (06/2008)  
  Numerical Listing of TRSL Forms  

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