2022 RTW Law - Higher Education Only (NEW)

Who is subject to the 2022 RTW Law?

If you meet all of the following criteria, you are eligible for the 2022 RTW Group and can be subject to the 2022 RTW Law (La. R.S. 11:710.2), which allows direct reemployment as an adjunct professor, as defined, in La R.S. 11:710(A)(1), in a nursing program at a public post-secondary education institution where a critical shortage exists.
  • Retired before July 1, 2020 
  • At least age 62
  • Have at least 30 years of creditable service
NOTE: The 2022 RTW Law is optional, and is only applicable when the retiree’s reemployment scenario meets the above eligibility criteria. Otherwise, the retiree’s reemployment would be subject to the 2010 RTW Group or 2020 RTW Group.
How does the 2022 RTW Law (La. R.S. 11:710.2) affect me?
TRSL retirees eligible for the 2022 RTW Group, who return to work in positions eligible for TRSL membership as direct hires and not by contract or corporate contract, are eligible to receive their monthly TRSL earnings during reemployment. Employee and employer contributions are required on compensation received. Upon terminating reemployment, retirees can apply for a refund of the employee contributions they made.
What if I return to work by contract or corporate contract?

Retirees returning to work through any employment by contract or corporate contract are not eligible for the 2022 RTW Law. The reemployment would fall under either the 2010 RTW Law or 2020 RTW Law and may result in a suspension of the retiree’s monthly TRSL benefit.

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