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Special Session News #10: A second return-to-work bill now awaits consideration

Jun 2, 2017

A second return-to-work bill now awaits consideration by Gov. John Bel Edwards. HB 31 (Rep. Hoffmann) adds school psychologists to the list of critical shortage positions in which a retiree can return to work without a reduction of benefits. The bill was amended to provide that if a retiree’s benefit was calculated at an accrual rate lower than 2.5% or their benefit was actuarially reduced, they will be subject to a 36-month waiting period (rather than the 12-month waiting period in current law) before returning to work under the provisions of TRSL’s return-to-work law.  The amendments do not apply to the current law’s grandfathered group or retirees with advanced degrees in speech therapy, speech pathology, or audiology. 

In other legislative action: The House rejected Senate amendments to HB 33 (Rep. Pearson).  The two chambers must reach an agreement on the bill’s final language before it can go to the governor. HB 33 seeks to clarify legislative staff’s rights and duties in attending executive sessions of the TRSL Board, particularly with respect to lawyer-client privilege. And, SB 8 (Sen. Peacock) is scheduled to be considered by the full House on Sunday. It would allow for the correction of enrollment errors for persons enrolled in an incorrect public retirement system.

Second special session called

Earlier this week, the governor issued a call for a second special session. The session will convene after the regular session ends on June 8 at 6:30 p.m., and adjourn by midnight on June 19. During the special session, lawmakers are limited to considering matters relating to state government operating expenses and the capital outlay budget for FY 2018, supplemental appropriations for FY 2017, and the enactment of an Omnibus Bond Authorization Act for 2017. 
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