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Procedures Manual

14.0: Automated Insurance Deductions

Last Revised: Mar 1, 2008


The purpose of the automated insurance deductions procedure is to provide insurance premium deductions from retirees’ monthly benefits with minimum impact to TRSL. These procedures apply only to those agencies not currently participating in the State Employees’ Group Benefits Program.

Action to be Taken 


Action to be Taken
  1. The employer must agree to all prerequisites and fees prior to participation in the automated insurance deductions procedure. These conditions are as follows:
    • The employer may participate if the deductions are made for all eligible retirees and survivors participating in the employer’s insurance program.
    • The deduction transactions must be prepared by the employer and submitted to TRSL on a 3.5” diskette or by File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Refer to Index 18.2 for electronic reporting instructions.
    • The employer must commit to submitting monthly salary data on diskette or FTP prior to participation in the automated insurance deductions program. Refer to Index 4.0, Monthly Salaries and Contributions Reports.
    • An initial fee of $250 is due when the deductions are made the first month. Each month a $50 processing fee will be paid by each employer. These fees will be deducted from the monthly premium check remitted to the employer by TRSL.
  2. The employer must submit a written request for participation in the automated insurance deductions procedure to:

    Information Technology Department
    Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana
    PO Box 94123
    Baton Rouge LA 70804‑9123
  3. Written requests will be acknowledged by TRSL sending an updated copy of this index.
  4. A meeting will be arranged at the TRSL office. The automated insurance deduction procedures will be reviewed in detail at this meeting. Each employer should have data processing personnel present at this meeting as well as any other representatives the employer would like to have attend.
  5. Prior to making the actual transition to automated insurance deductions, it is important that each employer take steps to notify the retirees of this change. Giving advance notice in a clear, concise manner to avoid confusion for the retirees is recommended.

    All inquiries received by TRSL regarding insurance will be referred to the employer. Please inform the retirees that any questions regarding insurance coverage, deductions, or claims cannot be answered by TRSL. The notification of the retirees and proper explanation of how the program works is extremely important to avoid an overload of phone calls and correspondence for the employer and TRSL.

14.1    Identify Eligible Participants (new agency only)

14.2    Monthly Updates

14.3    Summary and Remittance

14.4    Voluntary Deductions From Retiree Benefits Payroll
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