2020 RTW Law: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When can I return to work in a position eligible for TRSL membership?

You must have a break in service of at least one weekday (Monday through Friday). For example, if your last day of work is Friday, your retirement date would be Saturday. You could return to work on Tuesday. Monday would be the one weekday break in service.

What RTW law applies to me?

TRSL retirees who return to work in a position eligible for TRSL membership fall into either the 2010 RTW Group (subject to the 2010 RTW Law) or the 2020 RTW Group (subject to the 2020 RTW Law).

2010 RTW Group includes: 

  • Retirees who returned to work in a position eligible for TRSL membership before July 1, 2020
  • Retirees who retired on or before June 30, 2010 (grandfathered group)
2020 RTW Group includes:
  • Retirees who return to work in a position eligible for TRSL membership for the first time on or after July 1, 2020
  • Retirees in the 2010 RTW Group (subject to La. R.S. 11:710) who make an irrevocable election to be in the 2020 RTW Group

What if I receive a TRSL disability retirement benefit?

Retirees receiving TRSL disability benefits who return to work in the field of public or private education will have their disability benefits terminated. These retirees can return to work outside the field of education without penalty. However, there are limits on how much they can earn.

How do I regain active membership in TRSL?

Retirees who are in the 2020 RTW Group automatically regain active membership in TRSL upon choosing RTW Option 2. Otherwise, retirees who chose RTW Option 1 status will need to follow steps outlined in La. R.S. 11:738 to regain active membership in TRSL, which include returning all retirement benefits paid to them plus interest; paying employee and employer contributions that would have been paid to TRSL during the period of their re-employment; and remaining in active service for at least six years to receive a retirement benefit recomputation.

Will my DROP/ILSB withdrawals be impacted if I return to work under the 2020 RTW Law?

Re-employment under the 2020 RTW Law will have no impact on your DROP/ILSB account withdrawals. You will be able to continue receiving without interruption.

What if I am employed by contract or corporate contract?

In general, individuals hired through contract are independent contractors who are providing services for an employer that participates in TRSL. Compensation paid is typically reported to the IRS on a 1099 Form -- not a W-2 Form used by employers to report employee wages. Employment by corporate contract is when an individual is performing services for a company pursuant to its contract with an employer that participates in TRSL. Retirees in the 2020 RTW Group, who are re-employed by contract or corporate contract, will have their benefits suspended for the duration of re-employment, and do not earn a supplemental benefit.

Still have questions?

Ask TRSL. Contact us about your re-employment position and RTW laws that could impact your retirement benefits.

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