Returning to Work Overview

Once you cash or deposit (includes direct deposit) your first TRSL retirement check, you are officially retired. Return-to-work laws affect TRSL retirees who are re-employed directly or by contract in a position eligible for TRSL membership.

To be eligible to return to work in this type of position, you must have a break in service of at least one weekday (Monday through Friday). For example, if your last day of work is Friday, your retirement date would be Saturday. You could return to work on Tuesday. Monday would be the one weekday break in service. 

If you are considering re-employment in a position eligible for TRSL membership, you are subject to all return-to-work laws. It is important that you understand these laws and how they may affect you. Failure to comply with return-to-work laws could result in suspension of (or loss of for those receiving a TRSL disability benefit) your TRSL retirement benefits. 

Retirees (excluding those receiving a TRSL disability benefit) who return to work in positions not eligible for TRSL membership are not subject to return-to-work laws governing TRSL.

How Does It Affect Me?
Return-to-Work FAQs

You can also find the pre-recorded retiree webinar, "Returning to Work after Retirement," on this page
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  Returning to Work After Retirement
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