Return-to-Work FAQs

When can I return to work?

To be eligible to return to work in a position eligible for TRSL membership, you must have a break in service of at least one weekday (Monday through Friday). For example, if your last day of work is Friday, your retirement date would be Saturday. You could return to work on Tuesday. Monday would be the one weekday break in service.

What if I receive a TRSL disability retirement benefit?

Retirees receiving TRSL disability benefits who return to work in the field of public or private education will have their disability benefits terminated. These retirees can return to work outside the field of education without penalty, however; there are limits on how much they can earn.

What if I am re-employed in a charter school?

Retirees who return to work in positions normally eligible for TRSL membership at a charter school that participates in TRSL are subject to return-to-work laws. Employment directly or by contract must also be considered.

What is a "classroom teacher?"

A "classroom teacher" is any employee (1) whose position of employment requires a valid Louisiana teaching certification, and (2) who is assigned the professional activities of instructing pupils in courses in classroom situations which daily pupil attendance figures for the school system are kept or is assigned to proctor admissions, evaluation, or assessment testing. 

What is a critical shortage?

Any situation in which the employer has advertised and posted notice of positions to be filled and has received fewer than three certified applicants. Before a retiree can be re-employed under the critical shortage criteria, the school superintendent and/or personnel director must complete certain actions to declare a critical shortage. Applies to full- or part-time classroom teachers and full-time certified speech therapists, speech pathologists, audiologists, educational diagnosticians, school social workers, school counselors, school psychologists, interpreters, educational transliterators, or educators for the deaf or hard of hearing.

What is a contract or corporate contract?

In general, individuals hired through contract are independent contractors who are providing services for an employer that participates in TRSL. Compensation paid is typically reported to the IRS on a 1099 Form -- not a W-2 Form used by employers to report employee wages. Employment by corporate contract is when an individual is performing services for a company pursuant to its contract with an employer that participates in TRSL.

Can I regain active TRSL membership?

If you are a retiree re-employed in a position eligible for TRSL membership (excluding individuals retired under disability or DROP), you can regain active membership in TRSL by doing the following:

  • Return all retirement benefits paid to you plus interest;
  • Pay employee and employer contributions that would have been paid to TRSL during the period of your retirement; and
  • Remain in active service for at least six years to receive a retirement benefit recomputation.

Still have questions?

Let us help. TRSL highly recommends that you contact us with your specific situation in order to avoid any confusion concerning your re-employed position and possible disruption of your retirement benefits.

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