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Deadline to vote in the retiree election is 4:30 p.m., Monday, June 26.

2017 TRSL Board - Retiree Election

Voting is underway for the 2017 election of a TRSL Board of Trustees retiree representative. You will need your personal identification number (PIN) to vote which was mailed to eligible voters by Everyone Counts of La Jolla, CA. Voting is available 24 hours a day. 

Misplaced your PIN to vote or need voting assistance? Contact Everyone Counts:

Elections by year

TRSL holds elections each year to fill the seats of trustees whose terms are expiring. Elected board members serve four-year terms.
  • 2017 (For terms expiring 12/31/17): Retirees, School Food Service, District 1 (Special Election), and Superintendents (Special Election)
  • 2018 (For terms expiring 12/31/18): Colleges & Universities, District 1, District 7, Retirees, and Superintendents
  • 2019 (For terms expiring 12/31/19): District 2, District 3, and District 4
  • 2020 (For terms expiring 12/31/20): District 5 and District 6

Need more information?

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