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2nd Extraordinary Session News #4: Return-to-work bill deferred by the Senate retirement committee

Oct 20, 2020

The Senate retirement committee met today and deferred House Bill 97 (Rep. Bacala). HB 97 would have authorized re-employment of retirees from the four state retirement systems during a declared state of emergency without suspension or reduction of benefits if the following conditions occur:
  • The hiring occurs during a state of emergency declared by the governor;
  • The employer certifies in writing to the retirement system that employment of the retiree is critical to the effectiveness of the employer’s response to the emergency;
  • The date of the retiree’s retirement is more than 30 days before the initial declaration of emergency; and
  • The retiree’s retirement is not based on disability.
The bill will not move forward to the full Senate for further consideration. 
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