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Procedures Manual

6.3: Unusual Questionable Years

Last Revised: Feb 1, 2016


These procedures are used to certify identified Questionable Years that cannot be corrected/certified online using TRSL’s Employer/Membership Information Site (EMIS). These years are referred to as Unusual Questionable Years.

Action to be Taken

Sample Letters

Action to be Taken

The following are considered Unusual Questionable Years and are correctable/certifiable using paper method (i.e. Unusual Questionable Year letter or other correspondence on employer letterhead signed by an authorized representative).

  1.  Restored service credit
  2. LIPA balances (as seen on Account History)-may include multiple Questionable Years
  3. Dual Employment prior to fi scal year 1982/1983
  4. Refunded service credit not previously certified
  5. Possible Substitute Teaching, Part-Time Employment, Summer School, or other earnings
  6. Other – any other reason deemed appropriate by TRSL staff

Complete the areas on the unusual questionable year letter and return to TRSL.

All service credit certifi cations must be completed within 30 days. After 30 days, TRSL will use the service credit as is or may adjust for reasonableness. Some salary corrections and/or increases in service credit may result in an actuarial cost.

Sample Letters (click each to enlarge)

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