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14.3: Summary and Remittance

Last Revised: Jul 1, 2008


This procedure describes steps taken to produce a reconciled summary statement and a remittance payment.

The TRSL payroll run generates a listing for each employer which identifies each benefit recipient and the amount of the insurance deduction for that retiree. The Retiree Health and Life Insurance Report is an alphabetical monthly deduction listing of all retirees who had a payroll deduction. Refer to examples provided in this index.

An FTP of deduction information may be generated during the payroll run if requested by the employer. Some larger agencies may find this helpful for automatic reconciliation of insurance billings.

Available online to registered employers is the summary report, a deduction listing and adjustment report. Non-registered employers are mailed this information by the tenth of the month.

Retirees are paid by TRSL in advance on the first of the month and insurance deductions are for that month. The summary report will identify retirees for whom payments were issued that were not due. If insurance deductions were made on these canceled payments, credit will be taken on the summary statement. This statement will detail the reconciliation of the total amount of deductions withheld less necessary adjustments for canceled checks and the processing fee. The payment will then be issued for the net amount.

Action to be Taken

Retrieving Online Deduction Reports

Sample Report 1 - Summary Report

Sample Report 2 - Deduction Listing

Sample Report 3 - Adjustment Report

Action to be Taken

After TRSL completes the final reconciliation, the Retiree Health and Life Insurance information is available online for registered employers. TRSL sends e-mail notification to the insurance contact(s) on file indicating the reports are available online and payment has been remitted via wire transfer.

Non-registered employers will receive this information via mail.

The employer should reconcile their insurance file to this information to identify any retirees whose benefit has been canceled due to death or suspension. Depending upon the reason for the cancellation, the employer may wish to bill eligible retirees.

A summary report is available online to registered employers. Non-registered employers are mailed the summary report by the 10th of the month. Retirees are paid by TRSL in advance on the first of the month

Retrieving Online Deduction Reports

Registered employers can retrieve insurance reports from the Employer/Membership Information System by selecting Insurance/Voluntary Deduction Report.

(click to enlarge)

The Deduction Type Report screen appears and contains detailed instructions to guide you. (click to enlarge)

Sample Report 1 - Summary Report (click to enlarge)

Sample Report 2 - Deduction Listing (click to enlarge)

Sample Report 3 - Adjustment Report (click to enlarge)

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