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Procedures Manual

7.1: Refund of Retiree Contributions

Last Revised: Jun 1, 2009


These procedures should be used when retirees request refunds of employee contributions remitted to TRSL. Retirees who return to work and pay unsheltered contributions may request a refund of these contributions after they terminate employment.

Related Forms

Retiree Refund Application (Form 7A)

Action to be Taken

  1. A Retiree Refund Application (Form 7A) must be completed after termination of the retiree’s employment.
  2. Sections 1 and 2 of the application must be completed by the retiree requesting the refund and forwarded to the employer.
  3. Section 3 of the application must be completed by the employer and submitted to TRSL immediately upon completion. The 90-day waiting period for refunds is not applicable to retirees.
  4. Employers are now required to report the month in which the last contributions will be reported on the Monthly Contributions Report for the retiree.
  5. Retirees wishing to have their refunds sent through direct deposit must also complete a Direct Deposit for Refund of Contributions (Form 7D), which is available on the TRSL website or by calling 225-925-6477 or 6449.

Related Forms

Retiree Refund Application (Form 7A)
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