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6.4: Questionable Years After FY 2006 Report

Last Revised: Feb 1, 2016


This report identifies members who have a questionable year for a particular fiscal year beginning with FY 2007. At the end of each fiscal year, new records are added based on our Questionable Year criteria after employer salary and contribution reporting closes. 
Employers must  correct/certify Questionable Year data from each year’s report using TRSL’s online processes (see Indices 4.6, 6.1, and 6.2) within three (3) years of posting. Questionable Years updated after the three year timeline and results in a change in service credit may result in actuarial charges to the employer.

TRSL will send a broadcast email message when a new fiscal year closes and is posted to the Questionable Year report.

Questionable Year Criteria

Action to be Taken

Example of FY 2007 Questionable Year Report (Agency X)

Example of FY 2010 Questionable Year Report (Agency X)

Example of FY 2015 Questionable Year Report (Agency X)

Questionable Year Criteria:

  1. Annual earnings decreased more than 5% from previous year.
  2. 1st year of employment for an employer / 1st year of employment after DROP
  3. Changed employer / terminated during the fiscal year
  4. Partial year of service credit not previously certified
Action to be Taken
  1. Log onto TRSL’s Employer Information System, and click on “Questionable Years after 2006” under Reports.
  2. Enter the fiscal year (in the top-left of the screen), and choose to Sort by Reason or SSN (Social Security Number). A report should be run for each closed fiscal year, beginning with FY 2007.
  3. Click Select.
  4. The report:
    • Allows you to view, print, and sort data at your workstation
    • Provides an area for you to make notes on printed report
    • Refreshes data after Questionable Year(s) are cleared (corrected/certified)
    • Includes statistical data such as original count, current count, and percent complete
    • Creates new report for each fiscal year
  5. Process certifications/corrections online as needed (see Indices 4.66.1, and 6.2).
  6. Re-run reports to monitor progress and/or determine if all Questionable Years for each fiscal year after 2006 have been cleared. The reports can be run any time and as often as needed.

Example of FY 2007 Questionable Year Report (Agency X) (click to enlarge)

Example of FY 2010 Questionable Year Report (Agency X) (click to enlarge)

Example of FY 2015 Questionable Year Report (Agency X) (click to enlarge)

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