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6.2: Questionable Year Certification

Last Revised: Feb 1, 2016


These procedures are used to certify that earnings reported for identified Questionable Years are correct. If a fiscal year reporting meets one of the Questionable Year criteria but the actual earnings, full-time earnings, and posted service credit are correct, you can certify the year as correct. Certification is made online through TRSL’s Employer/Membership Information Site (EMIS) Inquiry system.

To use this program the “math” for calculating service credit (Actual Earnings/Full-Time Earnings = Service Credit posted) must be correct. If it isn’t reasonable, the system will not allow the Questionable Year Certification program to be used. The Full-Time Only Corrections program must be used instead.

NOTE:  Before using this feature, it is a good practice to check enrollment and/or termination dates against the Estimated Service Credit Table, which can be found in Index 2.0.

Action to be Taken

Special Note on Part-Time Employees

Questionable Year Certification Examples

Action to be Taken

  1. Log into TRSL’s Employer/Membership Information Site (EMIS) Inquiry system.
  2. Select the “Questionable Year Certification” feature under Updates menu.
  3. Enter System, SSN (Social Security Number), and Fiscal Year on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click Select. Verify the correct member record has been retrieved (check member name and fiscal year).
  5. Select appropriate Reason (select Part-time Employee if member is a part-time employee; any other reason is optional).
  6. Enter Comment (recommended).
    • If member is a part-time employee, you must enter the Percent Effort; (see special note below); or
    • Enter comment to address reason why the record was questioned or to note uncommon or atypical events
    • Examples:
      • less sales tax or less extra pay (if salary dropped from previous year);
      • worked full year (if service credit should be 1.00);
      •  dockages or days/days info (if partial year of service credit)
      • changed from 12 mo to 9 mo employee, no break in service (uncommon/atypical event)
      • on Worker’s comp or Sabb Lv from MM/YY to MM/YY (uncommon/atypical event)
  7. Click “Certify.” A message will be displayed when the transaction is complete.

This process will only mark the year with asterisks as certified. It will not update service credit.

Descriptions of all error messages, causes of the error, and correction actions can be found on the Online Reporting Error Messages table.

Special Note on Part-Time Employees:

Definition of Part-Time for purposes of applying the provisions of LSA-R.S. 11:766:
  • Employees are considered part-time for the purpose of earning service credit for eligibility purposes if they are scheduled to work a full normal work week (typically five days a week) but are scheduled to work less than a full normal day. Some positions may have a full normal work week that is less than five days, i.e. in some parishes speech therapists may work a four day week.
  • If you are a higher education employer and are certifying an adjunct professor please contact your assigned liaison for further instructions.
There are two types of credit related to part-time employment:
  1. Service Credit for Benefit Computation (used to calculate the retirement benefit)
    •  Formula: Actual Earnings ÷ Full-Time Earnings
  2. Service Credit for Eligibility Purposes (used to determine eligibility for retirement)
  3. Formula: Service Credit ÷ Percent Effort
Percent Effort: In order for TRSL to calculate the Service Credit for Eligibility Purposes for part-time employees who are scheduled to work a full week, you must use the comment field to report the Percent Effort. Percent Effort is calculated by dividing the number of hours scheduled to work by the number of hours in a full day. For example, if someone is scheduled to work a full normal work week for five hours per day and 7 hours is considered a full day, then their percent effort is 71% (5 divided by 7 = 0.71).

Example: An employee is hired in July and is scheduled to work 6 out of 7 hours per day, 5 days per week (a full work week). Her actual earnings were correctly reported as $30,000.00, her full-time earnings were correctly reported as $34,884.00, and her service credit was correctly reported as 0.86. How do you certify that online?
  • Select Questionable Year Certification under the Updates tab.
  • Enter the System, SSN, and Fiscal Year and then hit “Select.”
  • Choose “Part-time Employee” from the “Reason” drop down list.
  • In the comment section, enter the % effort. In the above example you would enter “86% effort."
  • The Service Credit for Eligibility Purposes will be calculated by a TRSL analyst. 

Questionable Year Certification Examples (click each to enlarge)

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