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4.5: Payment Distribution Voucher

Last Revised: Apr 1, 2013


This index provides procedures for remitting payments to TRSL using a Payment Distribution Voucher (Form 4D).

Payments are due the fifth day after the end of the month for which payment of employer and member contributions are applicable. These payments become delinquent 10 days after the due date. Interest is due on any delinquent contributions at the legal interest rate.

Louisiana statutes governing payments

Action to be Taken

Form 4D
Related Forms

Payment Distribution Voucher (Form 4D)


Louisiana statutes governing payments

Louisiana Revised Statute 11:887(B) states: “As used in this Section, ‘due date’ means the close of the fifth day after the end of the month for which payment of employer and members’ contributions are applicable.”

Louisiana Revised Statute 11:887(A), states: “...should any parish or city school board or other employer refuse to transmit either employer’s contributions or members’ contributions within ten days after its due date, the payment shall be delinquent. Upon a certification to the state treasurer by the board of trustees of the system that a payment is delinquent, the state treasurer shall deduct the amount thereof from any monies then available for distribution to or for the benefit of that parish or city school board, college or university, or vocational and technical school, or other agency or employer and shall transmit said amount directly to the board of trustees. Upon making such deduction, the state treasurer shall immediately notify the school board or other authority that the deduction has been made and that the funds available for distribution to it are reduced accordingly. In like manner the board of trustees of the system, upon receipt of said funds, shall credit such funds to the account of the members affected thereby and shall notify the school board or other authority thereof.”

Louisiana Revised Statute 11:281(B), states: “All payments of employers’ contributions and employees’ contributions, including any payments due from the state of Louisiana which are paid after becoming delinquent, shall include interest to be paid to the retirement system at the rate of legal interest computed from the date the payment became delinquent.”

Action to be Taken

  1. Make the checks or wires payable to the appropriate retirement plan. Separate checks/wires and the Payment Distribution Voucher (Form 4D) must be sent for each of the three retirement plans:
    TRSL ‑ Plan A
    TRSL - Plan B
    TRSL - Regular Plan
  2. The following information must be completed on the Payment Distribution Voucher (Form 4D):
    Employer Name
    Employer ID Code
    Plan to which the payment applies
    Actual month and year to which the payment applies
  3. To “take a credit” means to reduce the current payment by an amount representing a prior month or prior-year credit. The Form 4D should reflect the following information:
    • Under the “Current Year” section, enter the current reporting period amounts before taking the credit. These figures are the grand totals from the contributions report.
    • When taking credits from previous months of the current fiscal year, show all months with credits separately by listing year/month and amounts in parentheses ( ) under the “Current Year” section.
    • When taking credit from a previous fiscal year, complete the “Prior Years” section. Total credit should be placed under June for year preceding the current fiscal year. For example, if the credit is from the 06 fiscal year and being taken in the 08 fiscal year, the Form 4D should have 06/07 for the year/month with the amounts in parentheses ( ).
    • Total remitted line should equal the total amount of the check(s). The amounts of these checks and the credit used should equal the amount due for the current month.
  4. We strongly encourage payments to be remitted by wire transfer or ACH (Automated Clearing House). This is faster, easier, more secure, and cost effective way of depositing contributions.
    • Wire transfer or ACH instructions for employers, call:
    1. Lisa LeBlanc, 225-925-6422
    2. Peggy Crochet, 225-922-3222
  5.  Payments remitted by mail should be sent to TRSL’s post office box in Baton Rouge, along  with the Payment Distribution Voucher (Form 4D):
    Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana
    Post Office Box 94123
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9123
  6. All other correspondence must be mailed directly to TRSL, including diskettes.
    Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana
    PO Box 94123
    Baton Rouge LA
Form 4D

The Payment Distribution Voucher (Form 4D) is used to designate the correct distribution of funds remitted to TRSL.
Refer to Index 18.2 for electronic reporting instructions.
Field R=Required
Plan R Specify retirement plan:
Employer ID R 4-digit employer identification code
Employer Name R Employer's name
Total Salary R Total actual earnings reported
Apply to YR/MO R Fiscal year/month to which payments apply
Type R   Indicates payment type:
S = Sheltered Contributions
U = Unsheltered Contributions
I = Interest
Member Contributions R Member contributions broken down
by contribution type:
sheltered and unsheltered
Employer Contributions R Employer contributions
(employer contributions are
always unsheltered)
Total Remitted R Total amount of payment
(should not include payments made
by the Department of Education or
sheriff tax contributions)

Related Forms

Payment Distribution Voucher (Form 4D)

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