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Procedures Manual

14.1: Identify Eligible Participants for New Employer

Last Revised: Jun 1, 2008


The purpose of this index is to supply the new participating employer with a list of all retirees and survivors who are eligible for insurance deductions. The list will include all benefit recipients in TRSL’s Regular Plan, Plan A, and Plan B. Recipients with multiple benefits will be listed only once. The information will be provided via FTP. Refer to Index 18.2 for electronic reporting instructions for files sent by the employer to TRSL.

Action to be Taken

  1. The employer must match the records on their files with the records submitted by TRSL. The employer’s files must be updated with the correct system code, Social Security number, and benefit sequence number for eligible benefit recipients. If there is a discrepancy in the Social Security number, it will be necessary to use the TRSL information in order to get the deduction on the file. A copy of the retiree’s Social Security card must be on file with TRSL in order to make a change.

    If the “Last Employer Identification Code” does not match, the employer should contact TRSL to verify correct number unless “0000” appears, indicating that TRSL has not coded that retiree’s last employer identification code.
  2. The record layout and codes are listed below:
Record Layout
Field Description Data Type Length
System Code (2, 3, or 4) Numeric 1
Social Security Number Numeric 9
Benefit Sequence Number Numeric 1
Employee Name Alpha 26
Benefit Type Code Alpha 1
Benefit Status Code Alpha 1
Last Employer Identification Numeric 4
  Record Length 43
System Codes
2 School Lunch Plan A
3 School Lunch Plan B
4 Teachers Regular Plan
Benefit Type Codes
A Service Retired Member
B Service Retired Beneficiary
C Disability Retired Member
D Disability Retired Beneficiary
E Surviving Spouse
F Surviving Child
G Guardian
H Estimated Retiree
I Estimated Disability
Benefit Status Code
Space Receiving Benefit
S Suspended
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