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Procedures Manual

4.9: Employer Account Statement

Last Revised: Apr 1, 2013

This procedure should be used to review the Employer Account Statement from TRSL. The statement reflects contributions due TRSL based on monthly contributions reports and payments received. Delinquent contributions are subject to a legal interest charge that changes January 1 each year, as established by the Office of Financial Institutions in accordance with LSA‑R.S. 11:281(B). Currently TRSL provides online access to a Monthly Charge/Payment/Balance Report and an Employer Account Statement annually.

Action to be Taken

  1. Upon reconciliation of the monthly and/or annual employer statements, reconcile the salaries, checklist charges, and balance information with your records.
  2. If there is a discrepancy, refer to the Statement of Payments and the Statement of Receivables for prior year, which are included with your Employer Account Statement. This report lists the payments that were applied to the fiscal year prior to the current billing. Also, the Employer section of TRSL’s website at provides additional information.
  3. After reconciliation, report any discrepancies to TRSL. Forward to TRSL any additional payments, if applicable.

The Monthly Charge/Payment/Balance Report, which you receive each month during the fiscal year, is based on unreconciled salaries and contributions and is subject to change. All current-year salary changes are done with a CCR (Contribution Correction Report), all prior-year salary changes require a Form 4F.

The Employer Account Statement, which you receive at the end of the fiscal year, is based on the final salaries and contributions for the year and is processed after the member statements have been produced. Any salary changes after member statements or year-end closing will require a Form 4F.
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