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6.0: Certifying/Correcting Member Records Online Update

Last Revised: Feb 1, 2016


Employers are responsible for accurately reporting actual earnings and full-time earnings. However, not all data submitted is accurate, and therefore, requires correction. The information you certify or correct will determine service credit (actual earnings/full-time earnings) and will ultimately be used by TRSL to compute the member’s retirement benefit.

Information submitted can be questioned by members, employers, and TRSL. Certain criteria will identify a year as questionable. The employer will be required to certify the data as accurate or process a correction to make it accurate. These are known as Questionable Years (QY).

There are four types of Questionable Years:
  1. Annual earnings decreased more than 5% from previous year.
  2. 1st year of employment for an employer / 1st year of employment after DROP
  3. Changed employers during the fiscal year and/or break in service
  4. Partial year of service credit not previously certified
Once the questionable year or incorrect data is identified, employers should certify/correct this data using the appropriate online process. Designated staff (see Index 1.0 - Authorized Contacts and Employer Directory Contacts) should certify or correct data using the Updates Menu from the Employer/Membership Information Site (EMIS).

Refer to Index 4.6 - Prior Year Correction of Earnings and Contributions.
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