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6.6: Certification of Plan A Supplemental Credit (Form 6A)

Last Revised: Jun 1, 2008


This section should be used to certify supplemental service credit for TRSL Plan A (System 2) members. If a member was contributing to School Lunch Employees’ Retirement System (SLERS) at the time their employer withdrew from Social Security, he or she can receive supplemental free credit for service rendered prior to enrollment in SLERS. This credit will be computed at the 1% benefit formula. Certify those years on the Certification of Supplemental Credit (Form 6A).
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Certification of Supplemental Credit (Form 6A)

Action to be Taken 

  1. The employer must certify the original date of employment.
  2. All years must be certified indicating the amount of actual earnings and full-time earnings, % of full-time, months of contract, and if FICA was paid.
  3. In those instances where an employee worked on a part-time basis, the full-time earnings must be reported as if the member had worked full-time for the entire year. TRSL Plan A members who work and contribute on a part-time basis gain full-time retirement eligibility credit for the period they work part-time, if they work on an uninterrupted basis for the entire year.
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Certification of Supplemental Credit (Form 6A)
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