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1.0: Authorized Contacts & Employer Directory Contacts

Last Revised: Jul 1, 2017


This procedure is used to submit signatures and establish authority of designated employer personnel who will be responsible for certifying data such as salary reports corrections, refund applications, employment dates, termination dates, etc. both in paper form and through our online membership database (Employer/Membership Information Site - EMIS ). The designated personnel should be familiar with the accuracy of the certified data as the employer will be held responsible under LSA-R.S. 11:888(B)(C) for any errors which result from an incorrect certification.

Completing Authorized Contacts

Completing Employer Directory Contacts

Submission of Completed Forms
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Authorized Contacts (Form 1)

Employer Directory Contacts (Form 1EDC)

Completing Authorized Contacts (Form 1)

Form 1 designates personnel who will be responsible for certifying data on TRSL documents and accessing/certifying data on EMIS.

  1. The Superintendent/Agency Head or Agency Head Designee must authorize all personnel employed who are authorized to certify or access member data. This authorization must be made on TRSL’s Authorized Contacts (Form 1). The completed original Form 1 must be mailed to TRSL. Faxed or emailed copies are not accepted.
  2. Anytime there is a change in personnel access/certify authorization, a new TRSL Form 1 must be completed and submitted to TRSL for only those employees affected. All services authorized should be indicated when updating/changing existing authorized contacts. This also applies for changes to email addresses and telephone numbers. 

    Tip: Review the Employer Contacts screen for your agency to view current contacts and access rights to determine what changes are needed due to staff turnover or changes in job duties. 
  3. Completing “Authorized Contacts” for new or existing designated personnel:
    • List designated personnel information as requested.
    • Indicate if the designated person listed is an authorized signer.

      NOTE: If the person is not designated as an authorized signer, they will only be allowed inquiry into the system.
    • Check all desired access rights the designated person is authorized to perform (even if already established on previously submitted Form 1).
      • The following online services are available:
      1. Inquiry (INQ): view-only access
      2. Enrollments (ENR)
      3. Sick/annual leave update/corrections (SLU)
      4. Prior years certifications/corrections (PYC)
      5. Terminations (TRM)
      6. Agency certifications (AGC)
      7. Retiree insurance deductions (INS) - not available to employers whose retiree insurance deductions are processed by the Office of Group Benefits (OGB)
      8. File submissions (FSM)
      9. Salary reports (only for employers with no more than 25 employees) (SAL)
      10. Home address updates (ADR)
      11. Contribution corrections (CCR)
      12. ORP salary reports (only for employers with no more than 25 ORP employees) (ORP)
  4. Signature of personnel designated as an Authorized Signer is required. If any access rights other than Inquiry are requested, the form will be returned if designated personnel’s signature is omitted. 
  5. Replacing or Deleting Previous Contacts
    • If the designated person listed is replacing an already established authorized contact, and you wish for this contact to be removed from access, list the person’s name that is to be replaced in the “If replacing or deleting a previous designee, provide name to be deleted” box.
    • If you wish to only remove an already established authorized contact(s) without adding/replacing a new designated person, simply list the name of the previous contact(s) name, who is to be deleted, in the “If replacing or deleting a previous designee, provide name to be deleted” box. No other fields for that section need to be completed.
    • When adding/replacing a new designee who will serve as an information contact, include an updated Employer Directory Contacts (Form 1EDC).
  6. The signature of the Agency Head or Agency Head Designee listed on the Employer Contacts screen is required. No substitutions.
  7. Forms not containing the signature of one of these designated contacts will be rejected.
Completing Employer Directory Contacts (Form 1EDC)

Form 1EDC designates personnel who will serve as information contacts, not necessarily authorized signatures, for the Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana. The individuals listed here will be included in TRSL's database for employer mailings. TRSL only allows one contact per category.
  1. New agencies should provide contact information for all applicable categories. For contact categories that are not needed, please leave blank.
    • Section 1 - Administrative Personnel - Staff responsible for implementation of new retirement programs; may also be day-to-day operations staff at smaller agencies.
    • Section 2 - Support Personnel - Day-to-day operations staff that can respond to general retirement processing inquiries. All agencies are encouraged to designate a Retirement contact in this section. All TRSL correspondence requesting certification of service credit and leave data for retirement and service purchase applications will be addressed to this Retirement contact.
  2. Existing agencies should provide updates to only those category contacts requiring a change in designated personnel.
    • To replace an existing category contact, submit the required information of the new category contact. 
    • To delete an established category contact with no replacement, write or type “DELETE” in the name field of the category contact to be removed.
  3. Only submit information for those contact categories that need to be updated.
  4. Designated Employer Directory Contacts can only certify or access member data if they have been designated as an Authorized Contact on Form 1.
  5. Employer Directory Contacts listed as the Agency Head and Agency Head Designee are automatically setup as an Authorized Signer. However, if online access is needed, Form 1 must be completed, listing services requested.
  6. The signature of an authorized signer is required.
Submission of Completed Forms
  1. Send completed original Form 1 and/or Form 1EDC to:
    Employer Services
    Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana
    P. O. Box 94123
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9123
  2. Questions can be directed to the Employer Services Department at the above address or by calling (225) 925-7863 or emailing
  3. Once TRSL has received and processed your Form 1, authorized staff will receive an e-mail notification with additional information and instructions to be used for accessing TRSL's Employer/Membership Information Site (EMIS).
  4. A confirmation letter will be mailed to the Agency Head and Agency Head Designee once the Form 1 updates are completed. 
  5. No additions or changes to Authorized Contacts and/or Employer Directory Contacts will be accepted unless submitted on a properly completed TRSL Form 1 or Form 1EDC.

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