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The calculators below are provided to help you make informed decisions about your retirement benefit and options.

However, these calculators only provide estimates. None of them are linked to your personal information. The accuracy of the projections depends entirely on data that you enter.

If you want an official, written estimate of your projected TRSL retirement benefits or if you have any questions regarding information on this website, please call our Member Information Center (MIC) at 225-925-6446, or toll free 1-877-ASK-TRSL (1-877-275-8775).

  • Regular Plan Benefit Calculator
    The estimate produced by this calculator is based on service retirement for Regular Plan members. The estimate does not include credit for eligible sick or annual leave, which is added after retirement.

  • ORP Comparison Calculator
    This calculator compares the benefits offered by the Regular Plan and the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), which is available to members employed in higher education with less than five years of TRSL service credit.

  • Social Security Benefit Calculators
    Residing on the website of the Social Security Administration, these calculators help you estimate potential Social Security benefits. Note that your Social Security benefits may be reduced if you receive a TRSL benefit. See TRSL's
    explanation of offsets for more information.
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